The Emotions and Physcial Effects of a Teacher Training Course

What really happens on a Yoga Teacher Training course – the emotional and physical effects…

By Sarah Swindlehurst

As a Teacher Trainer, I work with many students on their specific training courses, and in doing so I see many students face challenges they might not have foreseen when they signed up for the trainings. Deciding on the right training for the individual is in its self is a huge decision for many and this decision can be so very full of their aspirations, dreams and hopes, and in wanting to make a positive contribution to society by way of teaching yoga. Simply said, a student from this moment has given themselves a certain amount of personal (and professional for some) pressure and this can then surface in a variety of ways, both emotionally and physically when they later attend and start the training.

The student has usually researched the training beforehand and has an idea of what to expect from the course, however what they sometimes experience is a whole lot more than they had initially bargained for. Emotions can run high as they become excited about what they are learning and in the anticipation of qualifying, self-doubts can set in as to whether they are up to the training and thoughts of ‘what if I’m not as good enough or as good as the other students’ can come up. Personal issues can start to surface too as they start to reflect on the meanings of yoga and how it helps in a person’s well-being. Physically they can be challenged with the practice of the tasks and postures, as well as physical stresses manifested from nervous tensions and anxieties of the mind.

“I experienced a range of emotions including; joy and happiness as I was enjoying the course contents so much and what the learning experience was about to open up for me. I also experienced sadness when going through some of the exercises which involved me opening up and having to come to terms with experiences that I had tried to bury, which was both difficult and necessary.” Katy Wise – Children’s Yoga and Mindfulness Teacher

“I came away from both courses feeling really positive.  I met some interesting people training and was good to share experiences and ideas for the future.  The days are in-depth so you need to be prepared that you will cover a lot and may come away feeling a bit drained (but in a good way.)  You also need to prepare yourself to teach in front of others (daunting but rewarding as everyone is really supportive.)” Victoire Mitchell – Children’s Yoga and Mindfulness Teacher

All of a student’s challenges (physically and emotionally) are helped and managed by the Teacher Trainer and personal mentoring can be given for those requiring it. The positive outcomes most certainly outweigh the negatives, and the students achieve so much more than their certificate at the end of the training. A student on qualifying will have faced their fears and come out triumphantly, they will have gained much knowledge and the necessary skills for their chosen vocation, and mastered their personal and professional goals.

“The training has mentally help me to discover my creativity capacity and how to use it as tool to expand my business ideas as well as learning that one can never learn enough of yoga.” Andreina Turner-Ramirez – Parent & Baby Yoga, and Toddler Yoga Teacher


By Sarah Swindlehurst – Yoga Alliance Senior Teacher Trainer at Yogakidz Worldwide. Yogakidz Worldwide is Not for Profit company that runs Teacher training courses, for teaching all