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Yogakidz worldwide Ltd have been training student via online methods since 2006. All content of the online training covers exactly the same as any onsite training we offer. You gain access to all the same resources, such as module content, research articles, audios, film examples, past onsite films, and much more.

Listed below are all the courses we offer online.

We have a dedicated website ( for all our self paced online trainings.

We also now offer set date online Zoom trainings, which can be booked on this main website ( – just select the relevant tab to the left of this page for more details.


List of self-paced trainings: (when you click on each title you will be taken to the dedicated page for that training):

Parent & Baby Yoga Teacher Training Course is £370 (30 hours).

Toddler Yoga Teacher Training Course is £285 (30 hours).

Children’s Yoga Teacher Training Course is £370 (45 hours).

Teens Yoga Teacher Training Course is £370 (60 hours).

Mindfulness, Movement, Meditation & Relaxation Course is £350 (40 hours).

Pre-& Post Natal Yoga Training is £650, (80 hours)

Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Training Section is £400,

Birthing Rehearsal Yoga Teacher Training Section is £250,

Post Natal Yoga Teacher Training Section is £275,

Special Needs Yoga Training (only available as Distance Learning at the moment) is £370 (60 hours)

We also have a new and popular mental health training course called FREE your MIND, which is less yoga, but has a focus on enabling you to teach individuals, workplaces and teachers how to better look after their mental health. Click here for the link to the FREE your MIND training.


More info:

All courses are accredited by Yogakidz Worldwide (we are a strong organisation in teacher trainings) and you will be accredited with 30-80 hours (depending on the course). The certificate is a diploma which qualifies you to teach the relevant group.

Your training will be with Sarah Swindlehurst (The Yogic Prescription) and she is a senior Yoga Alliance Yoga Teacher and Yoga Therapist with over 20yrs experience in teaching, and 26yrs personal yoga practicing) – so you will be in very good hands!

Online is done from your own home or your own chosen location. All courses are in 6-16 sections depending on the course. On enrolling will gain access to the course content through your specialised training platform ( at various times throughout your training. Each module contains a PDF which is the main content of the module, and set questions. There may also be graded questions for some parts of the course. Video examples, extra article and audios are available for your added learning in various modules throughout the training.

On completion of each section, which is done at your own pace and in your own time, a Yogakidz tutor will mark your answers and comment if need be, then send that back to you. You continue with the course after each module is completed. You can email and Skype any time during the training. Skype sessions can be organized at both student and tutor’s convenience.  On successfully completing that section you will then be sent the next section, and so on and so on until you have completed them all. There is also some filming required for some parts of the course, for some of the courses but not all. On satisfactory completion of all the course(s), you will be sent via post your Diploma certificate.

The webcam or camera/filming is basically done as part of the course to show me how you are doing and that you understand the content etc. I may ask you to film some of the postures and other parts of the course so that I see you performing them correctly. This is done in your own time at whichever module it belongs to. In the training course, this is explained more on how to do this, at the start of your training, in the welcome section.

Most people complete the training within 1 to 3 months (Special Needs and Pre/Post Natal Yoga Training can take 3mths – 7mths on average to complete) and they say it is really good, perhaps better than the onsite training, as it is less intense, and they learn more as you can complete each module in your time (so no pressure). As long as you complete the course within a year (within two years for the Pre-& Post Natal), that is the only requirement.

You get one-one tuition and then on completion of the course you also have me as a mentor for the following year should you have any teething problems and issues to discuss as you start your teaching. That makes it great value for sure.

The only extra cost after the course is that you need to pay a ONE-OFF fee of £25, this registers you with us and allows you to use the Yogakidz Yoga Teacher title (the Yogakidz name is now recognised worldwide!). This gives you permission to use the Yogakidz logos and stationary, as well as much more information created by Yogakidz. You will have complete access to the resource page where you will find poster, flyer, business card templates, legal information and much more. The resource page is also constantly being updated year upon year.

Teaching in this field to young and old is so valuable and so rewarding. Everyone loves the classes and so do you as a teacher 😊